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We are offering you a universal news tool where you can customize practically any parameter. Extension "Total News EXT" can be used as news, the catalogue of the goods, top and as many other things. In our extension all used texts support html formatting and you can achieve any desirable effect. Take advantage of our extension and you will see that the quantity html pages in your site will appreciablly decrease. The "Total news EXT" is made in Flash but it does not require Flash to be customized. You can use almost any HTML editor to insert our news in a web page and adopt it to your needs. "Total news EXT" is a simple Flash file (swf file, required flash player 8), that can be customized by editing a configuration file (XML file) that must be placed in the same directory as the news by default (but you can change a path to xml file - add in html FlashVars="xmlURL= YOUR PATH TO XML FILE / YOURNAME.XML" ), so you can customize the news using any text editor. As a limitation in the free version of the news: - You cannot change the first news block that always links to us ( - You do not receive the source file. You can purchase the full version from, you will get the full version + fla source file.

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